SUMMARY:                         I am interested in economic development, entrepreneurship, commercializing R&D investment, and natural language user interfaces. My experience includes starting  user interface companies; arranging acquisition by publicly traded companies, and managing research labs for Stanford University, Xerox PARC, Apple Computer, ITT, and the Institute for Infocomm Research in Singapore.   In addition, I worked for Stanford University at CSLI (Center for Study of Language and Information) to export technology from Stanford to commercial organizations.   

I’m inspired by the fact that the quality of life for people around the world will be improved by extending the reach of the Web through ubiquitous mobile phones, inexpensive PCs and natural language interfaces.  I hope to contribute to spreading and sharing knowledge through such new technology, be it through entrepreneurial activities or technology contributions.


2007- Present                      Faculty, Carnegie Mellon University.

  1. Teaching entrepreneurship and managing entrepreneurial outreach activities.   

2002 - 2006                          Principle Scientist & Head of Academic Affairs, Institute for Infocomm Research.

  1. Carried out speech-recognition research; oversaw student attachments and study programs at I2R; lectured on leadership development, learning organizations, innovation ecosystems, and organizational development..

2000 – 2002                         Senior Vice President of Technology at NetByTel.

  1. Led the development of Voice User Interfaces.
  2. Played key role in strategic planning. 
  3. Assisted in raising circa 20 million of venture funding.


1997 - 2000                          Director of Voice Technology and Director of Magic Labs,
General Magic, Inc.

  1. Led the development of the Voice User Interface (VUI) for General Magic’s main product: Portico.  The VUI for Portico was unquestionably the most sophisticated interactive spoken dialog system commercially deployed at the time.  The VUI incorporated a number of "firsts" including systematic application of rules for simulating personality in spoken language dialogs which he patented and which were originally developed in collaboration with Stanford University.

1996 - 1997                          Founder and CEO, NETalk Inc.

  1. Founded NETalk, a firm dedicated to providing speech recognition capabilities to Web pages through internet voice servers. Guided product development and then arranged for acquisition by General Magic in a multimillion dollar transaction.


1994 - 1996                          Director, Industrial Affiliates Program, Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI), Stanford University.

  1. Responsible for raising funds from Industrial Affiliates. 
  2. Started the Applied Speech Technology Laboratory within CSLI in response to interests of Industrial Affiliates. 
  3. Regularly gave talks and lectures at industrial and academic institutions in Asia, U.S. and Europe.


1992 - 1994                          Founding General Manager, Apple-ISS Research Center, Singapore.

  1. Founded the Apple-ISS Research Center in Singapore, a joint venture between Apple and the Institute for Systems Science sponsored by the Singapore government to enhance Singapore R&D. 
  2. Participated in negotiations with the Singapore government, in the formulation of legal agreements for the Center.
  3. Established research programs in speech, handwriting, and text-to-speech synthesis for Asian languages at the Center.
  4. Managed all aspects of the Center through its first year of growth. Responsible for hiring and managing staff, creating and administering standard procedures and practices of the Center, planning research programs, purchasing equipment, and promoting the Center to Singapore government agencies.

1988 - 1994                          Manager, Speech Recognition Research, Apple Computer.

  1. Started an automatic speech recognition (ASR) research program at Apple.
  2. Responsible for hiring research staff, and promoting the potential of ASR to the senior executive staff. 
  3. Arranged external research liaisons with MIT and CMU, initiated the reprogramming of CMU's ASR system for the Macintosh platform, supplied technical guidance, filed several patent applications and published several technical papers.


1987 - 1988                          Consultant

  1. Computer consultant to Mellon Capital Management with emphasis on software systems support for investment management of pension funds and managed accounts.

1981 - 1986                          Founder and Chairman, Koala Technologies Corporation.

  1. Koala was founded to produce the first PC touch tablets and video pointing devices in the era before “the mouse” became popular. Startup activities included founding the business, writing the business plan, recruiting the management team, participating in the design of the original products, raising several million dollars in venture capital backing and then managing new product R&D. 
  2. Responsible for engineering design and production engineering of   initial product, the KoalaPad.
  3. Established a joint venture with a specialized manufacturing firm to manufacture the KoalaPad.  Responsible for hiring initial staff, representing the Company to the press and analysts, business planning, general administration and new product development.
  4. Formal responsibilities shifted from the role of CEO to VP of R&D and Chairman of the Board over a period of five years.  Koala grew to employ 70 people and brought to market the Koala Pad and MacVision products, among others.  Koala is today a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ exchange.

1979 - 1981                          Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Auricle, Inc.

  1. As co-founder of Auricle Inc., designed and programmed the speech recognition system that was the principle product of the company.  After a year of operation, the firm was acquired by Threshold Technology for $2 million with funds supplied by Siemens.
  1. Member of Xerox PARC, Managed company’s activities in automatic speech recognition at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.


                                                Stanford University, Post Doctoral in Computer Science
                                                (NIH Post Doctoral Fellowship)

                                                University of Oregon and University of California Santa Cruz,
                                                Ph.D. in Chemical Physics
                                                (Woodrow Wilson and Danforth Fellowships)

                                                Michigan State University, B.S., Magna Cum Laude
                                                (Honors College with 3 majors in Math, Chemistry, and Physics)

Miscellaneous Activities:

over 45 technical publications and several patents and other awards

Professional Awards and Activities in 1975-85:

  1. Who’s Who of American Men and Women of Science
  2. Who’s Who in Computer Research
  3. Guest lecturer, Data Processing Management Association (DPMA)
  4. Distinguished visitor, IEEE Computer Society
  5. Editorial Board, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Artificial Intelligence
  6. Chairman, IEEE Computer Society MPA-TC Subcommittee on Speech Recognition and Understanding
  7. NATO Fellowship to NATO Advanced Study Institute on Artificial Intelligence
  8. Guest Lectures: Stanford University; Cal Tech; Michigan State University; Universities of California San Francisco and Los Angeles; University of Houston, Texas; Texas A & M University; and Universities at Melbourne, Orlando, and Tampa, FL


  1. Pi Mu Epsilon
  2. Phi Kappa Phi
  3. Continental Oil Company Cash Award, MSU
  4. NASA Scholarship to the Summer Institute in Space Physics at Columbia University
  5. NSF Summer Research Grants
  6. Freshman General Chemistry Award, MSU
  7. Michigan State University Freshman Scholarship
  8. Michigan State University Honors Scholarship
  9. Appointed by Governor of State of Montana to meet the President of the United States as one of two student delegates to the White House Conference on Children and Youth
  10. First Place, Westinghouse Montana Science Talent Search
  11. First Place, Montana State Scholarship Award, (Seventh Place in the Nation)
  12. High School Valedictorian (4.0 G.P.A.), Student Body President and Captain of football team,
  13. Montana East-West Shrine Football Game (All-State Football), voted one of four best players,
  14. First Place, Montana State Essay Contest, “Space Age Challenge to America,” in high school


Available on request


Professor RAJ REDDY, Carnegie Mellon University, Turing Award Winner
Professor Byron Reeves, Chairman of Communications Dept, Stanford University
Dr. Juzar Motiwalla, venture capitalist, previously managed the ISS Research Center and supported the Apple-ISS Research Center in Singapore in 1992

Various business associates and academics
Available upon request

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