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Web 3.0

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  2. Description of speech technology and entrepreneurial opportunity
  3. Robots and Web 3.0
  4. Profitting from the Long Tail
  5. Web Promotes Democracy

These presentations all discuss the evolution of Internet learning, the linguistic web, and speech recognition which will eventually evolve intoWeb 3.0.


A Grand Challenge:

Building the Linguistic Web 3.0

Web 3.0 will be characterized by speech understanding, GPS capable, mobile phone net access devices . You will know Web 3.0 is here when you are talking (not typing) on mobile phones to find Web content on a regular basis; when speech-recognition translates requests to the Web, when GPS on the phones allows the Web to know where you are, and the Web is able to understand your natural language queries. At this point, the Web will guide you to locations you want to visit, to products you want to buy, to friends, and to information you (or others) may have stored in particular physical locations. It will record your life story: your words, your pictures, your likes & dislikes, the people you visit, and your business transactions. It will educate you and your children by providing convenient anytime/anywhere access to the world’s published knowledge. It will keep you in constant touch with the creation & flow of news from around the world and across the street. It will transform what you buy, how you are entertained, where & what you eat, the friends you maintain, how medical care is delivered, and how police & emergency services are rendered. In short, your life will be utterly transformed.

You know it's arrived....

The hand of God?